The following testimonials were solicited from previous clients’ families.

TLC is great because no matter what you need they can help you. Also, they are nice people so it makes you feel better. You work at your own pace so you can fully get it, like motor planning. ABA and other things you need to help your physical need. When I went to TLC, things I never thought I could do what I can do now. And that’s why you should come to TLC.

–Ryan L.

As a parent of an autistic child I have been to numerous facilities, unfortunately, none provided us with meaningful results.  I wanted to comment on the outstanding therapy that is being provided at the center for TLC.  We have seen so much improvements from the time she started this facility until now.  Her therapists are the best and she could not hardly wait until her next sessions.  Everyone at TLC takes an interest in Elizabeth, from Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and ABA therapy; also, the incredible front office staff who attends to your every need and treat you like family.

–A Parent

The Center for TLC is part of our family.  It is the home away from home for my children.  As parents of two special needs children, my husband and I have peace of mind when our children are at TLC because we know that they are being well taken care of.  My children have grown so much in their everyday adaptive skills as well as their communication since being at TLC.  My children enjoy coming to TLC and view it as fun and playing time, not as if it were work.  You can be sure that when your kids are here they are receiving the best quality care possible in each area.  TLC only hires the best most qualified people.  TLC uses cutting edge therapy approaches to meet the needs of each individual child.  They truly care for each and every one of their patients and the families.  The workers at TLC are extremely accommodating and caring.  They go above and beyond their job duties by being involved in the community, with the local schools, and with the families.  My husband and I always feel like we have TLC’s undivided attention, they are always the first to listen and lend a helping hand.  Bringing my children to TLC was the best decision I ever made for them.  With this therapy center you are getting so much more than quality therapy care, your children are given a quality of life.

–Dana P.

The abbreviation “TLC” usually has one meaning to most people, Tender Loving Care.  But to those of us that have had the luck of being part of a group that brings us hope, TLC it means so much more.

The day we walked through the door of our TLC (The Center for Therapeutic Learning and Communication) was a day that changed our lives.  Our daughter Khloe was almost three years old at the time and spoke very little.  She had several behavioral meltdowns regularly, and did not play like other kids her age; let alone be able to play with other children her age.  She couldn’t sit still long enough to read a board book, color or paint a picture.  She didn’t understand holidays, presents, birthdays, or Santa.  She had just been diagnosed with autism and we were overwhelmed.

Then came hope.  The staff of TLC was so friendly, caring, and understanding.  They listened when things got rough, guided us when we were lost, brainstormed when we aren’t sure, and encouraged us when things were going well.

The change wasn’t immediate, but the small and large milestones where memorable.  The first time Khloe came out of her therapy session and said “Hi Mommy” I cried tears of joy.  She had never called me mommy before.  The hope began; we started to see imaginative play, and more words spoken.  There is always a plan to correct the inappropriate behaviors and it was so nice to follow their lead; we were no longer alone.  Khloe’s ABAs are the greatest group of people I have ever met.  Each one has such a unique way with her that we will never forget them as we continue on our journey with Khloe.

In her first year at TLC we have found Khloe’s personality, she has a sense of humor and laughs loudly, she says “I love you” on a regular basis, she talks about her friends at “school” (aka TLC therapy sessions), she can pick out her own clothes for the day, will read board books, can play beginner board games, and she likes to color; nothing short of a miracle for us!

She celebrated her fourth birthday like any other four year old.  The changes in one year are immense and can only be attributed to the phenomenal ABA’s, excellent Occupational Therapist, and exceptional Speech Therapist at TLC.  I truly cannot say enough about the excellent care and positive changes in our life as a whole that would not have been possible without them.

So to us, TLC isn’t just tender loving care, it is knowledge, understanding, guidance, and patience.  It is priceless gifts that are given to us each day, some gifts greater than others but all appreciated the same.  It’s finally seeing our daughter playing and smiling, asking for orange juice.  It is knowing we have the best, most knowledgeable, exceptional professionals on our side, working with Khloe each day to peel back and reveal the next layer of who she is.  It is hope and a future for our Khloe.

–Joslyn K.

Dear Tori and Amanda,

Where do I begin?  In September 2014, my son, Jacob, began a new beginning in his therapy and education at TLC.  It was very uncertain and probably scarier for me than him.  Based on rave reviews, I expected great things for him and I have not been disappointed.

Jacob has an array of people who work on his team.  He has Kristy (ABA), Jessica (ABA), Megan (ABA), Chelsea (OT), Jynci (Speech), Rachel (Speech) and Kara who are all part of his complicated team.  They do an incredible job keeping me updated and part of his success.  I cannot begin to tell you how much Jacob has grown since he started there.

He has learned so much with his awesome ABA team.  Kristy keeps coming up with ingenious ways to help Jacob learn.  If something isn’t working for him, she in constantly changing the scheme.  She listens to what I would like to see for Jacob and intertwines it into his daily schedule.

Megan has such an amazing spirit and is full of energy when it comes to Jacob.  While he can be a handful at times, she never seems to get discouraged or frustrated with him.  As a mom, it warms my heart to see the way she interacts with my son.  I can leave knowing that he has her to look after him and guide him through the day.  Jacob smiles whenever he sees her.

Jessica, although she is leaving, has been a blessing to us as well.  She has a way of communicating with Jacob that I have never seen before.  She captured a place in our hearts and we will miss her.  I know that TLC will be losing a true free spirit!

I have also had the opportunity to get to know Chelsea.  She has helped us work with Jacob on so many OT skills.  Currently, we are struggling to get him to use ‘adult’ toothpaste.  Chelsea seems to repeatedly come up with new ways to help with our struggle.  She has gone above and beyond and I am very lucky she is working with my son.

I have not had the pleasure of getting to know Jynci and Rachel like I would like to but I cannot write this letter without acknowledging their hard work.  When Jacob started at TLC he was speaking very little.  Now he will use full sentences and is able to be understood by more people than just me.

Making the decision to move Jacob to TLC has been the best decision I have ever made.  The enthusiasm of everyone makes leaving my son so much easier.  He cannot tell me when something is wrong or if something happened.  As a mother, that has always been one of my biggest fears.  When he walks through the doors at TLC, I know that he is in the best place with the most amazing people helping him.  It is so comforting to know that Jacob is not only getting the best possible care but also loves being there.

I could go on and on about your amazing staff.  There are so many more that are a part of Jacob’s team that I am not aware of.  I want to say how grateful I am that everyone there works so hard, professional and loving!

I cannot close without mentioning Kara.  Her sweet caring disposition when we walk in the door is so very welcoming!  It is so nice to see her smiling face every day!  She is such as asset to your program.  

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing job!

–Bernadette Najor

I approached TLC because my son was experiencing some behaviors that were interfering with his learning environment at school and at home.  His behavior at school became a problem so much so that in first grade, his teacher felt it was best to move his desk out of the group right next to hers and put a masking tape boundary around it so that he knew how far he was allowed to move around.  Fast forward a few months to a new school and his new teacher noticed Wyatt was displaying behaviors that were not typical for his peers including head spinning, hanging over the desk with his head down, and occasionally running in circles around the classroom.

TLC helped me by performing a full OT evaluation of Wyatt including auditory and visual processing.  They noted that the two sides of his body (left and right, top and bottom) were not effectively working together.  It was as if his ability to process his environment and stimuli around him were playing tug of war inside his brain and his body was not responding the way he wanted it to.  They helped us (and continue to do so) by providing suggestions for exercises to be done at home, make recommendations for the learning environment at school, and also provide us with many educational materials for ways to improve things at home like our routine and diet/nutrition.  TLC also provides moral support to parents that have no place else to turn.

Working with the OT, we discovered that Wyatt has sensory processing disorder with vestibular dysfunction.  Having the extra information about sensory processing disorders is so freeing for me as a parent because I am now able to become educated about what was happening with my child rather than just feeling like he is out-of-sync with the rest of the world most times.  We have undergone OT for Wyatt for about 18 months and we have seen dramatic improvements in his ability to focus his attention and also control his body movements.

One thing I like was their approach to caring for the whole child and seeing that child is not only an individual but also part of their family and school communities.  The professional staff and assistants are all wonderfully patient, kind human beings who have changed how I see my own child.  He isn’t simply a bundle of outbursts and hyperactivity; he is a highly intelligent and creative soul that can not only better manage his behavior now but can also articulate his thoughts and ideas in a way that we haven’t experienced before now.

I recommend TLC to any parent who has an out-of-sync child.  The amazing staff will help guide you to uncovering the mysteries in your child.

–Tina Osborne

TLC is an amazing place.  My son has been receiving therapy services at TLC for over two years.  He receives ABA, speech, and occupational therapy daily.  He is not just “another kid” at TLC.  He matters and he is valued.  Every person we’ve come in contact with (therapists, office staff, clinic owners) have his best interest at heart every single day.  His therapists are dedicated, optimistic, and focused on achieving results.  They are always looking to change things up to suit his many needs.  Next to his immediate family members, I believe his TLC family are his biggest cheerleaders.

–Patti Lowhorn

We are extremely satisfied with our experience at TLC. Our daughter was welcomed with open arms and has worked with so many amazing people. Her goals are developed to meet with her individual needs and progress. We get a daily report that shares her successes. We love the way she is greeted everyday, she lights up when she walks in and doesn't want to leave when we pick her up. We feel confident that she is in the best hands everyday. She is making so much progress and communicating in ways we never expected. Our deepest gratitude goes out to our new family at TLC.

–Nicole Leitz