A long time ago in a faraway place, there were two therapists who worked together in a center with adults diagnosed with Autism. These adults presented with diverse symptoms, however, the one common thread amongst these men and women was their inability to cope with the outside world, our world. Their Sensory Processing Dysfunction was a barrier to daily living. Those therapists were us, Tori and Amanda, TLC’s founders.  Being that we were both occupational therapy practitioners, it was our mission to help these patients live a better life within their own bodies. We began with the “Ready Approach” developed by Bonnie Hanchu and completed a clinical study/trial with four men who were severely affected. The study went very well and these men began opening up and engaging in the world around them. The results were amazing!  Self-injurious behavior and aggression decreased, eye contact increased, and these guys began smiling all the time. We were so happy with the progress that we decided to bring this treatment to all the other adults in the program with the same sensory dysfunction and they began to get better. This was so great that we had to ultimately bring it to the children that were affected so that they would not have to live one more day dealing with sensory processing problems and could live happy healthy lives full of joy.  

So began TLC on Saturday, August 25th, 2007. It began with just two therapists and since then it has grown into a multidisciplinary pediatric therapy center with the common goal of helping our children live better lives. TLC’s team members are dedicated, hard-working, caring individuals that are committed to providing the best quality therapy so that each child can reach their greatest potential. TLC supports the growth of its professional team through continuing education, multidisciplinary teamwork and community fundraising.

Tori McWherter and Amanda Mangas at Macomb/St. Clair Autism Society Ball 2016