Tori McWherter, COTAL

Executive Director and Owner

Tori McWherter

My name is Tori McWherter and I am the executive director and co-owner of TLC. Along with my deeply devoted and dedicated business partner, Amanda Mangas, TLC was founded in 2007. When we first opened, we had a vision of helping as many children and their families as we could with the best possible treatment given by the best therapists. Not only with treatment but also with insurance and navigating through the system/process of getting services. Now, we share that vision with many other valuable team members that have joined our TLC family. My mission in life is to continue to build the finest pediatric therapy center where children can learn, grow and develop into the successful people that they are meant to be. With the help of our wonderful team at TLC, we know that our kiddos can and will reach their utmost potential and it brings me great joy to be a part of their progress and success!