Lauren O'Shaughnessy, BCaBA, LABA


Lauren O'Shaughnessy

My name is Lauren and I am a Tech Supervisor here at TLC. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Oakland University. I am so grateful to be working at TLC, especially getting to know all the wonderful therapists and BCBA's, and most importantly all of the amazing kiddos. I come to work smiling each day knowing that I am changing their world in the most positive and beneficial ways. I love working here because I get to learn about each child and what makes them perfectly unique. The Center for TLC has inspired me much more than I imagined, and I am so excited to continue to pursue my career and passion in this field! Each kiddo here at TLC is my inspiration each and every day and they will always be a beautiful reminder of how much I love this job! I have worked with children since I was 15 years old, and have come a long way since then. My passion for making a difference has stuck by me all my life, and I am proud to continue my journey in this career!

In my spare time, I love to paint and draw, specifically watercolor and acrylic paint! I have always wanted to incorporate art into my work with children, but have not had the chance to do so quite yet! I also enjoy practicing Yoga when I can!