Eric Martindale, RBT

ABA Tech Supervisor

Eric Martindale

A long time ago, in the month of February, I was born at the tender age of zero. I grew up in a small town and married my high school sweetheart, Ashley. Now, my wife and I have two kids (Kenzie and Landon), two dogs (Gus and Poncho), and a really fat and lazy cat (Neil Patrick Harris). Right out of High school, I worked as a direct care worker. I put in ten years as a direct care worker, and ended with a management position. Shortly after my wife started working at TLC, I started volunteering to tech. Once I started that, TLC couldn’t get rid of me and now I am one of the ABA Behavior Tech Supervisors. I eventually started working in ABA. Since then, I enjoy bringing a smile and laughter to the kids I work with daily. In my spare time, I like to play pranks, share the laughter, and discover new waffle recipes. One day, I dream to open a Waffle Food Truck named Waa-Full and park it outside of TLC.